Caroline Grossman does her art in binges — when she starts, she can’t stop — so she avoids it for months and years at a time. Being up all night with water-soluble crayons on Claybord (her art media of choice) competes with her other passions… being a public health advocate — especially on behalf of her favorite community health center Charles River Community Health (she’s on the board), as well as her full-time gig, as a communications and public affairs consultant for her two-person partnership, Mirepoix LLC. Caroline lives with her husband Andy Greene and dog Olivia in Waltham, Massachusetts. They have two adult children and a granddog.

Paul Kafka-Gibbons is the author of LOVE <enter>, which won the Los Angeles Times Prize for First Fiction. His second novel, Dupont Circle, was a Washington Post bestseller. He has written book reviews for The New York Times Review of Books, The Los Angeles Times Book Review, and The Boston Globe. He lives in Massachusetts. He and Caroline Grossman have been close since high school.